West Lake Group

A large conglomerate
specializing in real estate development

The West Lake Group is an international pioneer in real estate, urban planning and development. Its business covers real estate development and investment, planning and design, housing construction engineering, infrastructure investment and construction, etc. West Lake Garden is one of the latest development projects of the West Lake Group. In the course of the development, West Lake Group emphasizes the importance of sustainable development and the overall development, while respecting and protecting the historical features and unique cultural resources of the city.

West Lake is a famous tourist destination in Hangzhou, China, known as “heaven on earth”. With its huge economic strength and long-term development experience, West Lake Group and its parent company, XHB Group, intend to build another “paradise on earth” – West Lake Garden in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Based on the top public chain technology of XHB, West Lake Group will adopt the Blockchain technology in the real estate, hotel, bank, casino and other application scenarios of West Lake Garden. Compared with the traditional centralized storage structure, it has the advantages of strong compatibility and high integration, which can increase the scope of information sharing and improve the utilization rate.

With a combination of Sihanoukville’s excellent geographical location and advanced information technology, West Lake Garden will realize the city’s smart management and operation, create a better life for people, and promote the sustainable development of the city. The natural, harmonious and personalized designs in the garden will bring new vitality, innovation and overall international competitiveness to West Lake Garden!

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