West Lake Garden

Reshaping the city and leading a new life

West Lake Garden

West Lake Garden focuses on the creation of business services and environmental landscape spaces in the area. The overall commercial area is closely linked with the urban road system, with all of the support functions. Through the reintegration of the urban interface and traffic systems, an ordered and open urban public space will be created.

The professional design and planning not only focus on the exterior appearance but will also consider the relationship between architecture and space, as well as the different needs of the users of the space. We will make plans according to the environmental quality, the needs of our lives and the direction of our development, so that our community will be full of new vitality.

Here is the window connecting the Cambodian people and the people of the world, where the pulse of Cambodia’s modernization is beating. Another masterpiece will be added to the beautiful Sihanoukville Bay.

West Lake Garden

Floor Plan

China State Construction Engineering (construction company) won the project to build the Novotel West Lake Garden in Cambodia. The project consists of a 3-storey podium building, four 37-storey towers and one 16-storey staff dormitory building. West Lake Garden focuses on commercial services and the creation of the surrounding landscape space. The whole commercial area is closely linked to the urban roads, thus improving the surrounding commercial facilities. An orderly and open urban public space is formed with the integration of urban connections and the traffic systems.

West Lake Garden

Project Features

Diversified Business Services

The central area will be equipped with businesses, entertainment, offices, shopping centers, hotels, etc. necessary for people’s daily life. The close integration of the commercial area and the urban road system will meet people’s demand for public activities, provide urban vitality and promote the urban economic development.

Ultimate Environmental Landscape

Through the re-integration of the urban interface and the transportation facilities, an orderly and open urban public space will be formed, while creating a multi-functional, sustainable development with living spaces and hotels suitable all lifestyles.

Integrated Leisure Plaza

The design of the plaza is based on the concept of comfort, vitality, diversity and ecological openness; it is a place for entertainment with rich cultural and leisure facilities for citizens and will also stimulate urban vitality.

Green Ecological Garden

The construction creates a multi-dimensional ecological garden by means of setbacks, recesses, etc. It makes full use of lush green plants, improving the artistic and sightseeing opportunities, and provides people with a higher-level green ecological environment for cultural, recreational and entertainment purposes.