Encountering Westport

One of the world's great sights, the world's most preferred resort


Sihanoukville, also known as Westport, is located on the southwest coast of Cambodia and is the second largest tourist city in Cambodia. The name of the city comes from the former king of Cambodia, Prince Sihanouk. This newly emerging resort city, steeped in the ancient Khmer culture, boasts sun-drenched pristine beaches and a lush tropical rainforest. It was rated as one of the “World’s Ten Most Beautiful White Beaches” by the United Nations. National Geographic magazine has ranked it the world’s top beach, and it has received the “2016 World’s Best Tourist Destination” award from the European Tourism and Trade Council.

With the continuous influx of tourists and investors from all over the world, Sihanoukville’s economy has taken off. According to the report of the World Bank, Cambodia’s economy continued to grow rapidly in 2019, and reached 7% in terms of economic growth, which is one of the fastest growing countries in Asia. Sihanoukville’s excellent geographical advantages, coupled with the province’s significant investment potential, makes the region another investment hotspot in Southeast Asia after Thailand and Vietnam, with a total investment of more than US$600 million in 2019!

Encountering Westport

The reasons you can’t miss the opportunities at Westport

7% GDP growth for 8 consecutive years

Rapid development of "sea, land and air" three types of traffic

Important country for the “One Belt, One Road” construction initiative

Rich tourism resources with great development potential

Rich offshore oil resources with reserves equal to 1/3 of Dubai's oil reserves

The rate of return on real estate rents ranks fourth in the world and number one in Southeast Asia