A boundless ecosystem, a legend in the making


The XHB public blockchain is the world’s largest blockchain pioneer with commercial links to real businesses and is the best choice for Southeast Asian countries wanting to enjoy top level scientific and technological lifestyles. XHB is committed to improving the quality of urban life through innovation and digital transformation and providing intelligent solutions for various issues. In its completed cooperation projects, XHB has demonstrated its expertise to the world. The implementation of the West Lake Garden project marks a major breakthrough in the set-up of XHB and opens up a new chapter to embrace the international market in depth.


XHB Coin

XHB Coin is the token with the highest number of benefits and uses in the entire blockchain network and is the value measure for all digital economic transactions within the public chain ecology of XHB. It can be used in any project in the XHB ecosystem, including real estate, smart Island, hotel, etc. As long as you have an FB ID card, linked to the regional ID system, you can replace your traditional cards and other means of payments.

Daily expenditure in West Lake Garden

Assets on the blockchain trading platform

Westport digital economy industrial park

Blockchain digital banking


Our Team


– Pt Sinaran Holding Group Portfolio Director
– Brighton Indonesia Real Estate Director
– The XHB Blockchain CEO
– Chun Hui Yuan Cambodia Investment Co., Ltd Operation Director
– Sihanoukville Victory Bay Cambodia Operation Director
– Xihu Group Cambodia Director
– JR Oscar Entertainment Co., Ltd Director
– Wave Club Cambodia Director

– JinBei Group JinBei Hotel & Casino

K.R.T Dato’ Seri Danupranoto KRIS WU

– The XHB Public Blockchain Founder
– Chun Hui Yuan Cambodia Investment Co., Ltd Executive Director
– Sihanoukville Victory Bay Cambodia Executive Director
– Xihu Group Cambodia Executive Director
– Xihu Resort Hotel Cambodia Executive Director
– JR Oscar Entertainment Co., Ltd Executive Director
– Wave Club Cambodia Internal Director
– Pt Sinaran Holding Group Regional Director
– JinBei Group JinBei Hotel & Casino


The key advantages of XHB Coin

Limited global supply, issue limited to 500,000 pieces in the first phase

Direct asset securitization and digitalization, trading starts at one square meter of real estate

The strongest asset allocation, a perpetual stream of earnings from securities

Distributed bookkeeping technology, asset chain storage

Complete digital transaction system, reducing social transaction costs

Electronic certificate and invoice gives users double insurance

Supports diversified application scenarios and allows cross-border remittances


Strong enterprise alliance, joining hands to create and develop
Jointly realize the convergence between real estate and blockchain

Through the cooperation with its parent company, XHB Group, West Lake Group is in the process of realizing a brand-new revolution in West Lake Garden using digital technology, so as to better formulate the development direction to face the future. Through the close integration that comes from such collaboration, West Lake Group and XHB give play to their respective strengths to jointly realize the vision of sustainable development within community planning.

1.Blockchain visual gallery cloud storage technology 

XHB uses blockchain visual gallery cloud storage to show panoramic views of parts of the house, and stores the house landscape view on the blockchain, to provide huge, safe, highly reliable, low-cost data storage services, that allow customers to effectively and accurately view all aspects of the house.

  • Intelligent, big data application of the visual gallery. With the guarantee of multiple data sources, combined with the background core processing, this is an open and integrated, intelligent and efficient, easy to use and interactive platform system that allows big data analysis of the visual gallery system.
  • In the large back-end database, XHB can list discrete data according to the spatial-temporal relationship, compare them to similar items, and calculate the time attributes and the spatial location of the data through a time sequence to link them and allow effective data mining.
  • Compares the data through the background standard library and standard information, quickly verify the validity and authenticity of the data, lock the identity of the target, and complete efficient retrieval and comparison while calculating and filtering the data.

2.Information sharing technology

West Lake Garden uses XHB’s system to enable hotels and casinos to join the blockchain. Compared with the traditional centralized storage system, it has the advantages of strong compatibility and high integration, which can facilitate the expansion of information sharing and improve information utilization. The method by which West Lake Garden uses the XHB public chain to achieve real estate transaction information sharing is as follows:

  • Data preparation: West Lake Garden classifies and summarizes the data that needs to be shared, removes duplicate and invalid data, and marks the authority for the data sharing. The real-time performance of data should be considered when setting up shared data.
  • Joining node: Sharing members join the sharing node using the shared data interface. First, a key is used for identity authentication. Each node broadcasts its identity in the alliance, and stores it in each node of the alliance, in a blockchain. Each node of the alliance decides whether to approve the application through negotiation. If the negotiation result is “yes”, a new block in the chain will be formed by adding a data block at the end of the previous data block, and at the same time it will be broadcast in the alliance and stored in each node. If the negotiation result is “no”, the rejected result will be broadcast in the alliance.
  • Public keys and private keys. When a member wants to publish information, the private key is used to encrypt the information and generate the ciphertext. When a node in the alliance needs to share data, it first makes a judgment on whether the node belongs to a member of the alliance. If the judgment result is “yes”, it will share data, record the stamp between the access operations, form a new block chain, and broadcast in the alliance. If a non-alliance node requests the data sharing, each node will decide on whether to allow the sharing request. If no consensus can be reached, the data sharing request will be rejected.